Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pied piper of mad-let : the famous auto-karan
he orders
we follow
we pay
but he still fights


  1. Autorickshwkaaran
    Cruises the city
    thinking all the time
    about the high petrol prices

    he has a family to feed at home

    the passenger alights
    after driving a hard bargain

    he grumbles
    when he isn’t tipped
    he has a family to feed at home
    an old mother
    and three kids
    and a wife

    he hires the riskshaw daily
    from a man who has a fleet
    in his garage

    at the end of the day
    the autoriskshakaaran
    having driven over hundreds of kilometers
    is left staring at a handful of rupees
    in his hand

  2. That's a good one Giri!

    I like the way you've repeated this line:

    he has a family to feed at home