Sunday, March 15, 2009

the word for women who cook in your house
the word for a ubiquitous relationship... you still cant seem to name
the word for an 'auntyji'

she doesn't sleep.. eat.. in her house, when her daughter-in-law is out of the house (not visiting someone else, but rather gotten her periods and thus becomes 'dirty')... thus she comes over to my grandparents place... watches tv, eats and sleeps... once a month. what maybe started off as a daughter-in-law getting a break from work, is now a religious, tradition that has to be followed. when i asked her why she follows this? it is something she is proud about... and i am left wondering... why...
you cant teach old dogs new tricks? but if they want to learn maybe they just might... then again what 'new trick' am i willing to learn?

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  1. Took me back to my childhood days Bhavu, reading your write up.

    in the kitchen for years
    our cook-mami
    has become tender