Friday, April 3, 2009

we got gaudy in our genes... might argue kanjivaram is beautiful. i dont deny it. while it looks good on a sari, maybe not in a rick. this is not the first rick interior that has startled the daylights out of me! purple pink and yellow... errr... what was he thinking.:)

there are many old bungalows which have become boutiques with cafes in the verandas... i love going there...

and as i walk through wish i could somehow go back to that time when others walked here in different time different spaces with their confusion and in their maze. maybe even compare notes!
tried to get the huge ant-hill which seemed to spread across most of the side area near the tulsi plant. looked like a mound of mud. but mr antsy turned out well. so many of these guys. scrurrying around all the time.
i looked at them with disdaind and thought... this is only for food...
but like i am doing something of some higher order - why else am i working?

window garden
the world passes by